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Orders & Returns

Custom Orders

Dallas Rifle is set up to import Hardy Rifle Engineering's products on an extremely short timetable.  That being said, USMIL imports is a matter that our government takes seriously.  Our predicted lead time from the date of the order is 8-10 weeks.  We fully expect to meet or exceed this time frame, but when dealing with international shipments and customs clearance, unforeseen delays can arise.  Please bear with us in the event something like this does happen.  We have the best people dealing with our imports and customs clearances, and even if the rare instance occurs where a delay does happen, we will do our absolute best to get your products to you in the most timely manner possible.


Due to the nature of international USMIL imports and customs clearance, all sales are final and cannot be cancelled or modified by the buyer.  We may, at our discretion, allow the buyer to modify to cancel or modify an order, but such cancellation or modification is only considered accepted upon written confirmation from Dallas Rifle.  


If the product that shows up is not what you were expecting, we will refer back to the original order placed through  We reserve the right to cancel or modify an order, with notice to the buyer, as we deem necessary.  The buyer will be held responsible for any costs or expenses incurred in connection with a modified or cancelled order prior to any accepted modification or cancellation.

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